Kiirtan Parikrama UK 2017 Part 3 + Autumn Conference

Lime Farm

Lime Farm

Kiirtan Parikrama UK 2017
Kiirtan For Peace and All Round Prosperity
Ananda Marga UK & Ireland

are proud to announce Ananda Marga UK & Ireland’s Autumn Conference will be from October 20 – 22 and will include the start of Kiirtan Parikrama UK 2017 tour Part 3 from October 20 – 31 and Kiirtan For Peace and All Round Prosperity’s event Kiirtan Hour on October 20th 6-6:15pm (UK time).

Kiirtan For Peace and All Round Prosperity is organising an event to share kiirtan worldwide at the same time, in the UK the time will be between 6-6:15pm on Friday October 20th. The time depends on your location.
More information is here:

Kiirtan Parikrama UK 2017 Part 3’s schedule is available here.

Ananda Marga UK & Ireland’s conference online registration here.

Kiirtan Parikrama 2016 Part 2

Saturday 28 May – Sunday 5 June

Kiirtan in a circle

Kiirtan Parikrama is the collective spirit of singing kiirtan (chanting a beautiful mantra) in various locations for many days. We will sing for 3 hours each day, this can bring happiness, inspiration and bliss to each of us. People who are interested are welcome to join us at any point.

Following the first part of kiirtan parikrama in February, the second part will take place from the end of May and we will visit Middlesex, Stoke Newington, Birmingham, Mid Wales, Exeter and Maidenhead.


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