Yoga and Meditation Retreat 9 – 11th December Lake District

Evening Friday 9th – Afternoon Sunday 11th December

Yealand Old School (LA5 9SH) located in the Lake district
about an hour and a half from Manchester and Liverpool

Old School Yealand

Liverpool and Manchester Universities Yoga and Meditation society members are invited to a yoga and meditation retreat.

Register here to book your place.

What is a retreat?” A retreat serves as an opportunity to withdraw from the mundane aspects of daily study/work routine and metropolitan life. In the spiritual sense, a retreat’s  purpose is for spiritual growth. It is a time to explore your internal self through deep meditation, a time to realise one’s closeness with the cosmic force that pervades the entire universe.

We have arranged a programme that revolves around collective practice of meditation and yoga postures. Practicing in a collective setting creates an ambiance which facilitates our individual introversive flow.

Together we will practice:

  • Kiirtan (melodious mantra chanting)
  • Sadhana (meditation)
  • Svadhyaya (explanation of spiritual scriptures)
  • Asanas (yoga postures) and
  • Satsuanga (spiritual community)

Along with workshops, games, walks and uplifting conversation. We aim to provide a memorable experience, an experience that will endow us with inspiration and stamina to go deeper and deeper into our practice after we return home from the programme.

Meditation at Conwy Castle

What we request from you as participants is your sincere effort to follow the routine to the extent of your capacity.
 group photo north walesCost is £50 including food, transport and lodging.

Apart from the basics (clothes, toiletries, etc.) everyone will need to bring their own Sleeping bag, yoga mat and towel.

Register here

To secure your place register here with a £20 deposit (only 30 places available):

Snowdonia Retreat 11-13 March 2016

Snowdonia view

Snowdonia view

During the weekend of 11-13 March, there will be a programme to offer an introduction to meditation, yoga as a part of the life.

Activities will include yoga postures, meditation, chanting, outdoor walk (depending on the weather).

This is a new comers retreat open to students, in the University of Liverpool and Manchester University.


Please register here so we can keep you informed:


Cost will be between £30-60 including transport from Liverpool and back to Manchester on Sunday for those travelling to Manchester.


To secure your place, follow this link to pay a deposit of £30.


Snowdonia Outdoor Activity Base

Situated in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, the Activity Base offers basic chalet accommodation in a wonderful location. Located in the village of Deiniolen, near Llanberis, the property is a two hour drive away from Liverpool.


There will be a minibus travelling from Liverpool on Friday afternoon with limited spaces to the venue.
Returning the minibus will drop people off in Manchester and Liverpool.
Or you can travel to Bangor train station and arrange collection or get the local bus which runs fairly frequently from Bangor train station on into the next town of Dinorwig.

To bring

sleeping bag
outdoor wear – suitable shoes/boots
yoga mat

There won’t be consumption of alcohol/drugs.
Or constant distraction by the phone.
This is a time for personal reflection and interaction with those present.